WWF Wildlife Support

Since 2019, we have changed our process of creating Parkas in the direction of eco-orientation, and now we use faux fur on hoods, thus eliminating the use of real fur and reducing the use of genuine leather in the production of our products.

Each DASTI Parka has detachable fur on the hood. Some of our clients generally prefer Parkas without fur on the hood. But before, because of this small detail - the fur on the hood - the animal suffered. We are for humanity and life! There are just a few seconds to take off or put the fur on the hood.

Technologies in the textile industry are developing by leaps and bounds, and the materials being created today are much better and more technological than those made yesterday.

Technology makes it possible to obtain artificial fur of such quality that even the most skilled technologists will not distinguish it from natural, neither visually nor by touch. This fact allowed us to move to an eco approach without losing the quality and appearance of fur.

We all live on an only Planet where our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live. The animal world needs our protection and support so that our children's children can enjoy and see nature on our planet in the same way we see it today.

Often people make ill-considered choices when choosing clothes or fur coats without thinking about how this could affect everyone's overall future.

From 2019, we make charitable contributions of UAH 10 for every sold DASTI winter Parkato the World Wide Fund for Wildlife.

In 2019, we adopted an African elephant, wombat, and koala and had cared about them since then.

We believe that together we can change the future for the better!