DASTI is a Ukrainian brand for living in harmony between style and nature.

Carpathian sheep guarantee - none of them was injured in the production process! We produce women's, men's, and children's outerwear. But our main pride is winter parka jackets made based on a patented woolen lining.

5 of our values that keep you warm even in the coldest winter:

- natural sheep wool;

- innovative SheepSoul lining;

- concern for the preservation of the planet;

- no animals were injured during production;

- support from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).



SheepSoul is the woolen pearl of our Parkas

Are wool and pearls incompatible? You will change your mind when you see the Champagne-colored lining, which before meeting with you has undergone a safe shearing of sheep, strict hygienic cleaning in several stages, and careful spinning. Its warm soft hugs make DASTI Parkas truly beloved and cozy.

More specificity and uniqueness? Always ready!

SheepSoul is a unique lining made of sheep wool. Its formula is patented:

1) Silk fiber is added to the perfectly prepared pile; this combination makes the products light and airy.

2) The technologists took everything into account: due to the porosity of this material, the product retains heat much more efficiently while remaining pleasant to the skin.

3) We add to our membrane fabric parkas and get moisture, comfort and stable dry heat even in the most severe frosts.

4) The lining retains such softness that it is called "alive" because it adjusts to the body's curves while maintaining the comfort and beautiful silhouette of the product.

The lining is based on 100% natural wool. Maybe we don’t know about rocket production, but we don’t have equal ones at the prepared such high-quality and warm parkas!

To this, we affirm: 3 things can be worked indefinitely. Marvel at the fire, at the water, and addore the pluses of the SheepSoul lining:

- real sheep wool;

- support of the natural temperature of the body;

- preservation of dryness and protection of water;

- lightness and insignificant weight of the lining;

- softness and silk-touch;

- remove moisture;

- breathe;

- it is easy to stretch in 4 straight lines;

- adjusts to the shape and curves of the body;

- long-term use;

- subject to processing;

- made in Ukraine.

If our Carpathian sheep could speak, they would be proud of the technologists who turned their wool into real art! To invent the perfect substrate took four years, a staff of experts, many experiments, and challenging moments. All you have to do is reach out and personally make sure that SheepSoul has a soul.

P. S. Our lawyers are ready to defend the painstaking work of sheep because it is from them that every DASTI product begins. Enormous brain resources and hours of hard work have been spent on creating our product, and the results are patented.

Animal safety comes first

Sheep are sheared at the end of winter with a safe electric tool. The process takes place with the utmost care and under strict control - this is a guarantee that no animal will be harmed. After shearing, the sheep have a short pile, which prevents overheating and makes them feel comfortable even in the hottest summer.

High-quality eco-approach

In 2019, we revised our strategy and moved to support and protect nature, altogether abandoning animal fur and reducing the use of genuine leather.

Are you afraid that faux fur loses in softness and quality? We are ready to argue that even an expert will not distinguish our fur from natural: neither by touch nor visually. After all, our technologists have achieved incredible success:

- the most advanced technologies are used to make our fur;

- we use only quality and modern materials;

- the appearance of fur does not cease to pleasantly surprise customers, allowing them to easily switch to environmentally friendly products.

Don't like fur? Stylists have foreseen everything: each DASTI parka with fur on the hood is detachable with a zipper, and you can easily remove it. Even here, we keep track of every detail: all the zippers are strong, pulling out the fur takes only a few seconds, and the product's appearance remains attractive in any case.

Previously, the animal suffered for the sake of fur hoods. Now you can wear the parka and realize that you have contributed to the salvation of nature. We are for humanity and life!

Trade in (available at the moment only in Ulraine and Russia).

From 2018 you can get a 40% discount and participate in an important project for the whole planet!

The Trade in the program allows you to exchange old DASTI parka jackets for brand new ones with a 40% discount. This will give used jackets new life and allow you to become one of those who take care that the planet does not suffocate under tons of unnecessary clothes. Obsolete products will be sent for recycling.

Take your first step towards the wise use of the planet's resources with DASTI! The motto of the program: Rethink, Recycle, Reuse, Renew. "Rethinking, Recycling, Reuse, Update".

Eco is important. Eco - applies to everyone

We all live on the same planet, which is our only home. Our children, grandchildren, and grandchildren of their grandchildren will live there.

The animal world is an important part of this system. It needs our protection and support so that our children can live surrounded by natural resources. Allow them to see our planet in the same way we see it now.

A smart eco is an intelligent choice. This is a rejection of fur and conscious recycling of old clothes.

Join us: in 2019, in support of the World Wide Fund for Nature, we adopted an African elephant, wombat, and koala. And you too will be involved in their well-being! DASTI allows you to contribute to the protection of nature and get only pleasant emotions.

Let's make this world better together!